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You have found exactly what you need, if you are currently looking for a reliable and inexpensive localization company, it allows improving sales and achieving better results in the domain of software distribution. There are many localization companies, working in this domain, but some services may be expensive and of bad quality. Please take a closer look at the software localization process, provided by experienced software engineers and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. You may choose any localization language to satisfy your needs and intentions to distribute software. As for my humble person, I may localize software to English, French and Russian, but it is not the limit anymore. Being a freelance translation localization expert, I can provide the assistance and support for other languages due to a great number of colleagues, speaking German, Spanish, Italian and other languages under my supervision.

Take a look at my CV and other useful links, published on this website, I have a broad experience in the domain of software engineering, technical support and configuration management, it allows implementing the process of product localization by following the highest standards of software translation at all stages of software development, localization testing and release. Let me know as soon as you encounter the assistance of localization companies, it can happen immediately after the first release of target software or later, as soon as your software solution becomes popular and you need more ways of software distribution to international markets. I know very well how to help with localization of software so you may ask me for advice anytime you think about product localization and youd like to get the explanation about how it works and what youd like to get.

It is not a problem if you need translation localization of software interface, user guides, help system and other items, please let me know what youd like to get so we discuss the software localization process in your case and find the way of cooperation that suits your needs and provides achieving better results in the domain of software distribution and sales. I believe, my localization company can provide better conditions and more advantageous prices with the same quality of software translation. Being software engineer and technical support specialist for a very long time, I understand what users need, why some kind of misunderstanding may happen, when it often takes place and how to get rid of possible issues.

Keep in mind the localization language should be selected prior to the start of other marketing activities so you may discuss this matter and find out which one language may really boost your sales and improve income. The input information can be provided in the form of xml files, html pages, Adobe pdf documents, text files in Microsoft Word format, xls tables and other extensions. As soon as the localization of software is completed, the interface of selected application can be tested to check its conformity with your expectations and make sure the interface of localized software is clear so you may start localization testing, verify the absence of issues and release another version of application in question. Do not mar the impression of your software and quickly tap the market of software solutions by localizing your application and all user guides so your customers do not have any difficulties and quickly understand how it works.

Drop me an email with brief description of project and I let you know what should be done in your case. Do not lose time and use this chance to increase sales until your competitors release another, localized application with similar features. Being freelance software localization specialist, I guarantee the highest quality of software localization, shortest terms of work execution and lowest prices without the loss of quality. So do not hesitate contacting me and let us discuss your project. Hope to hear from you soon.


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Dmitry Korobitsyn, 2012. ICQ 584889786, skype: daspeac
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