Translation from English into Russian and vice versa                   


Congratulations, you have just found a reliable English to Russian translation service, suitable for anyone, from individuals to small or large companies. This way of Russian translating guarantees the highest speed of work, providing the best quality of multilingual translations among freelancers and other translation companies, including Russian to English translation services all over the world. Please let me know which kind of business do you have in Russian Federation so I can help in many cases, including the translation of business correspondence, instructions, websites, blogs, anything. Keep my email, ICQ number and skype ID for future reference so you may contact me anytime you need someone to represent the interests of your company in Russia. My services are not limited to translation English Russian only, I can help you maintaining Russian version of your website, rewriting of Russian texts and taking care of your business correspondence in Russian. I am opened for your suggestions 24 hours so do not hesitate dropping me an email or chat message by skype or ICQ (email preferable).




Dmitry Korobitsyn, 2012. ICQ 584889786, skype: daspeac
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